Starting matters, when it comes to open innovation

1 min readApr 4, 2022


Open innovation is from most perspectives a very complex concept.

It involves culture, governance, risk assessment, leadership, and more. After 6 years in open innovation practice, we have enough experience to talk about culture, governance, risk, and leadership. Every comment is out of experience…

We came across different needs and a variety of specific requirements from our customers. Working on a wide range of solutions and delivering them, motivated us to document our methods, find effective patterns and improve with time.

Staying true to our entrepreneur core, we didn't deviate to being consultants.

We suggest a similar journey for most corporations.

An accelerator, corporate venture capital, maybe due in order. But that’s not the starting point. These are constructs for achieving sustainability. The starting point is taking action and starting the engagements.

In the end, it's all about identifying the most critical needs or most promising opportunities and engaging.

We can help with prioritization or we can roll up our sleeves and act alongside you from day one as intrapreneurs in residence.

Atilla Erel & Baran Korkut, April 2022, Istanbul & Dubai




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