Intrapreneur in Residence as a Service —Business Culture Transformation
  • Regular painstorming engagement with different business units — What challenges and opportunities do they see?
  • Global benchmarking — How do same vertical companies in foreign markets pursue innovation on which focus areas and the new business models being tested
  • Update corporate innovation strategy with the change in corporate demand and tech supply from the ecosystem.
  • Defining the innovation executive committee and its stakeholders within the corporation
  • Regular update meetings with the innovation executive committee
  • Define external stakeholders in innovation (Startups, R&D companies, technoparks)
  • Inform all stakeholders in the open innovation process
  • Identify and assess solutions available from the local ecosystem
  • Identify strategic partnership opportunities to seek solutions in foreign ecosystems
  • Startup & R&D company — Corporation co-development/ investment project management
  • Establish the corporate’s dedicated technology ecosystem and portfolio achieved during the engagement phase
  • Identifying the right stakeholder companies according to establish strategic innovation partnerships
  • Designing joint innovation processes/content with companies from different sectors
  • Communication of demand and supply co-created with other corporations



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Workinlot corporate open innovation accelerator / Corporate ecosystem design