Intrapreneur in Residence as a Service —Business Culture Transformation

Corporate innovation — From seasonal events to an enduring culture

The ranking of the most valuable companies in Turkey remained unchanged for years even decades. As of 2022, the list is disrupted for good. The most valuable companies in Turkey did not even exist as a concept 10 years ago.

We can say that startup culture ate introverted corporate innovation strategy for breakfast.

Digital transformation projects, hackathons, ideathons, startup competitions, corporate venture capitals, corporate acceleration programs, project marketplaces… I’m sure you’ve heard of at least one or you’ve been a part of it. All these events have a common purpose, to ignite corporate innovation culture.

Culture change can show limited and periodic success when purchased on a project basis. For some, this success provides the motivation to pursue a permanent solution. After all, being a consumer of innovation is not the greatest strategy if you have to compete with an increasing number of co-creators of innovation in your market.

Enduring cultural change takes time, so it's better to start working on those corporate innovation muscles as soon as possible. (Starting matters, when it comes to open innovation)

Corporations use external resources like startups to achieve innovation goals.

We suggest you do the same when aiming for your own corporate innovation methodology with intrapreneur in residence as a service.

Workinlot intrapreneur as a service comes equipped with the corporate innovation methodologies, developed throughout the years.

We have identified 3 stages of corporate innovation. Let’s take a look at some of the activities of the intrapreneur in residence in each phase:

1- Awareness and scope building phase

  • Regular painstorming engagement with different business units — What challenges and opportunities do they see?
  • Global benchmarking — How do same vertical companies in foreign markets pursue innovation on which focus areas and the new business models being tested
  • Update corporate innovation strategy with the change in corporate demand and tech supply from the ecosystem.
  • Defining the innovation executive committee and its stakeholders within the corporation

2- Engagement phase

  • Regular update meetings with the innovation executive committee
  • Define external stakeholders in innovation (Startups, R&D companies, technoparks)
  • Inform all stakeholders in the open innovation process
  • Identify and assess solutions available from the local ecosystem
  • Identify strategic partnership opportunities to seek solutions in foreign ecosystems
  • Startup & R&D company — Corporation co-development/ investment project management

3-Multi-stakeholder Innovation Ecosystem phase

  • Establish the corporate’s dedicated technology ecosystem and portfolio achieved during the engagement phase
  • Identifying the right stakeholder companies according to establish strategic innovation partnerships
  • Designing joint innovation processes/content with companies from different sectors
  • Communication of demand and supply co-created with other corporations

In all these stages, Workinlot intrapreneur in residence plays an active role in interacting with all stakeholders.

Once again, all companies have a unique structure of their own.

Working with companies from different sectors such as banking, insurance, chemical industry, mobility, energy, machinery industry, information technologies, and construction, we realized that they had common innovation needs.

The uniqueness in corporate structure demands a non-scalable service. Whereas the similarity in demand works as a validation of the needs. This allows the intrapreneur in residence to concentrate on the facilitation of engagement. (Stakeholder Business Design)

With our versatile corporate innovation experience set, we continue to offer intrapreneur in residence as a service to our customers for the past two years.

Atilla Erel & Baran Korkut, May 2022, Istanbul & Dubai



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