A startup of many re-definitions

Part 2: Entrepreneurship

When we made presentations early on, our opening narrative was about the difference between an entrepreneur and founder. Nowadays, we don’t get enough pitching time to include those slides but we talk about this in all our meetings. The differences between the entrepreneur and the founder were, and still are very important to us, because the difference defines why we are doing what we are doing.

The original realization was when we were discussing Workinlot with a finance industry CEO. He went to the flipchart and started drawing a value vs time graph of an entrepreneur (the red line). It had its ups and downs. We jumped up and drew a straight line (the orange line) going up, with a different color marker and said: “What you drew was the life of a founder, she wins and loses and at some point she has a big break. What we are aiming at is the constant increase in entrepreneurial capabilities of an aspiring entrepreneur. It increases with every action.

We accelerate the entrepreneur

A founder is a person who is starting up or has started up a new venture. She is the creator of a temporary organization in search for a repeatable and scalable business model. We assume that she is also an entrepreneur, a person who is actively searching for challenges, prototyping and building solutions, relentlessly curious, feeling at home with all the uncertainty, unafraid to experiment, to fail and try again. But that assumption is rarely true.

When we say, we support entrepreneurship, we mean that we try to make it possible for individuals and teams to experience the journey. An experience is true and valuable when the initial challenge is real. That’s why we position the challenge as the central object of Workinlot. When the starting point is real, output of the journey is also real.

The Workinlot User Journey

The output may as well be the first seed of a startup, a project with high growth potential. And that would be great. But this is not our success criteria. We fulfill our mission when a team completes the journey, we fulfill our mission when a team fails to complete the journey, we fulfill our mission when a dreamer sets up a project and stops there. Because all these experiences, add to the value an aspiring entrepreneur receives. The line in the initial graph always goes up.

We don’t ask our dreamers to launch startups, we ask them to work on projects.

However we are ever mindful about making sure the projects incubated in Workinlot, receive their fair share of opportunity in the real world. We invite all projects to assume their rightful place in our marketplace. We believe a potential startup needs to receive the support that can be provided by the physical ecosystem. That’s why we actively match projects in our marketplace with our partners in the physical world. We are not trying to disrupt the startup ecosystem. We merely build the bridges between experienced entrepreneurs and their projects accelerated digitally with the startup ecosystem.

We focus on entrepreneurship and enable the startup ecosystem to more effectively focus on startups.

Becoming an entrepreneur is tough. It is a long journey. Believe us when we say this. Earlier on we decided to not attend to any support program in the startup ecosystem even though we knew we could, just to feel the pain, empathize with the problem and build solutions within Workinlot accordingly. We believe we have the solution.



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